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We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at HANNOVER MESSE.

April 22 – 26, 2024
Hall 12, booth C66

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The integration of renewable energies into the energy supply, the significant increase in the contribution of electricity from wind, water and sun and the improvement of energy efficiency in the distribution of energy play an important role here. More than ever, companies in the electrical industry are in demand. With their solutions, they are making a significant contribution to achieving the climate targets.

Under the motto "Energizing a sustainable industry", this year's HANNOVER MESSE will focus on precisely these companies as well as their products and solutions that enable climate neutrality through electrification, digitisation and automation.

At the world's most important industrial trade fair, Wöhner will also be demonstrating how its products and solutions increase energy efficiency and distribution reliability and thus contribute to the success of the energy transition.

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The future is electric – All Electric Society Arena

ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, has made the All Electric Society (AES) to its vision: together with its members from the electrical and digital industry, ZVEI is driving the transformation to an electrified and digitalised society a little further every day – technologically, politically and socially.

At HANNOVER MESSE, ZVEI and its partners will be showing the way to a climate-neutral industrial society in the All Electric Society Arena. In the arena, the future topics of "electrification, digitisation and automation" will be discussed as well as the key solutions that the industry has for these challenges and is already successfully implementing. 

With an interactive concept and a varied lecture programme, the arena brings the All Electric Society to life and brings together industry, politics and society, experts from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, energy and young professionals. 

On Wednesday, 24th April 2024, Wöhner will give an insight into the energy distribution of the future as the basis of the All Electric Society in his keynote speechAll electric standardization for an all electric society. Come visit the event and find out more! 

ZVEI Arena – hall 11, booth C53

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Our highlights at HANNOVER MESSE 2024

CrossBoard® – Upgrade of the system world to 800 A

Minimal installation effort combined with a high level of safety thanks to the integrated touch-safe protection, makes the CrossBoard® from Wöhner the ideal system solution for power distribution systems. Previously known for power distribution systems up to 160 A, the system world has now been extended to 800 A, which means that almost the entire spectrum of applications, from control and automation technology to large power distribution systems, can now be covered.

Thanks to the innovative hybrid busbar, components with the patented plug-in connection, but also larger outgoing circuits with the proven clamp connection, can be mounted on the same basic system without additional adapters. With the new version of the CrossBoard up to 800 A, we have remained true to our philosophy of an open interface. On the one hand, this applies to the adaptation of components from other manufacturers via our unique adapter technology. On the other hand, we are also happy to support other manufacturers in developing their own components for our CrossBoard®  system world. 

CRITO® – Power feed modules

Whether classically on the front or for additional space savings on the rear - the new CRITO® feeding modules can perfectly fulfil the individual requirements of any application.

In particular, the new rear feeding module up to 800 A saves a considerable amount of space of up to 200 mm on the front, which means that the entire width of the busbar system and therefore also the control cabinet can be reduced at best. Genuine sustainability by saving resources. All new feeding modules can be used internationally thanks to their full IEC and UL certification.

QUADRON® – NH00 fuse switch-disconnector

Classic NH technology reinterpreted – The new QUADRON® NH00 fuse switch-disconnector impresses with improved technical ratings and a new, unique design.

The short-circuit resistance of 120 kA with a utilisation category of AC-23B (400 V) optimally complements the convenient handling, which is ensured by the optimised handle and a widened access opening. Additional features allow easy rotation of the outlet direction and ensure simple and convenient removal of the fuses from the cover. 


Time to Switch – with the new SECUR®UltraLiner, Wöhner is setting new standards for fused switching in the smallest of installation spaces. With the new switch-disconnector with fuses, outgoing circuits with cylindrical fuses type 10x38, Class CC as well as D01/D02 can now be fused and also switched under load. Wöhner is thus expanding its CrossBoard® portfolio with the first genuine UL98-compliant fusible switch, paving the way for a broad application of the CrossBoard® basic system in the UL world.

In addition to its striking design and minimal width of just 22.5 mm, the new SECUR®UltraLiner impresses with additional variants with electronic fuse monitoring and integrated measurement technology for measuring current, voltage and temperature. It therefore offers a suitable solution for all applications in which current needs to be safely routed, switched and fused in the smallest of spaces - internationally.

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The safe switching of direct current places the highest demands on components. With the new CAPUS®, Wöhner more than fulfils these requirements. Developed for PV applications, the new CAPUS® can reliably switch currents of up to 500 A at 1500 V DC in the smallest installation space and fulfils all UL98B requirements. A short-circuit resistance of 40 kA also enables a wide range of applications, including in industrial environments. 

185Power – For intelligent distribution grids

Known from large power distribution systems in plant engineering or low-voltage main distribution systems in building technology, the 185Power system world has undergone a number of enhancements that now also make it the ideal solution for a connected and digitised energy grid.

The quick and easy integration of our 333 mV current transformers in our NH inline fuse-switch-disconnectors sizes NH00 - NH3 in combination with a pre-assembled plug-in interface for connection to our MIEZ measurement technology modules make our  NH inline fuse-switch-disconnectors with V connection terminal a real all-rounder in intelligent distribution grids. In addition, measurement data obtained from a low-voltage distribution can be processed directly via our new measurement and communication module and forwarded to a central instance in order to contribute to higher data transparency in the distribution grids and master the energy transition. 

MOTUS®C14 – Feature upgrade „Softstart“

The softstart feature upgrade includes 3-phase phase control of the input voltages to reduce the starting torque of a motor. The average voltage at the motor is reduced, which also results in a reduced starting current. As a result, the motor starts with a torque below its rated torque and can be started up smoothly. Less mechanical stress on the motor and less stress on the power grid during start-up are the direct, positive effects.

Wöhner thus combines all C14 features – soft start, reversing start, short-circuit and overload protection – in a single product with a minimum width of 22.5 mm. Configuration is convenient and intuitive using the Wöhner ServiceTool.

More information on the feature upgrades


With the CrossMT electronic measurement module, Wöhner brings digitalisation to the successful CrossBoard® basic system. In combination with a wide range of applications, the CrossMT adds intelligent functions and connectivity wherever components in the control cabinet do not have these as standard.

The CrossMT measures current, voltage and temperature, calculates variables such as power, energy, phase angle and frequency and can output this data via various communication interfaces (USB-C, digital inputs/outputs, IO-Link). Status LEDs at the top and bottom of the device provide users with additional information.

More information about the CrossMT


Wöhner now also offers modules for monitoring the control cabinet in its measurement technology portfolio, thus covering the entire measurement chain: Measuring, analysing, visualising, communicating and reacting. The new products are available for the DIN mounting rail and for direct installation in the enclosure door and, following the fully integrated MOTUS®C14 and OMUS®C14 solutions and the CrossMT measurement technology module, round off the Wöhner measurement technology range.

The various monitoring modules allow you to maintain an overview at all times: They serve as a collection point for all data in the cabinet, evaluate it and pass the analyses on to the user. Connected to current transformers (1 A, 5 A, 333 mV), they measure current and voltage, analyse active, apparent and reactive power, the power factor, harmonics and much more – all compact and customised.

More information about MIEZ

Feature upgrades

With increasing digitisation, product software plays a fundamental role in ensuring the functionality and safety of products. Intelligent and digital product solutions also make an important contribution to the safety and efficiency of energy distribution systems in the field of energy distribution and control technology.

In addition, the functional scope of the products can be adapted, optimised and expanded through customised feature upgrades. The implementation of new or the modification of existing functions enables the functionality to be continuously adapted. In this way, not only can any problems that arise be effectively resolved, but the application options and areas of use can also be expanded and customised step by step.

Wöhner also offers feature upgrades to equip software-controlled products, such as the MOTUS®C14 or the CrossMT measurement technology module, with new functions and expand the respective area of application.

Concept studies


BROOME20 with up to 20 A output current, a wider range of functions and CrossBoard® interface expands the Wöhner power supply portfolio. Together with a unique communication and 24 V management concept, Wöhner is consistently rethinking the architecture in the control cabinet.


With the CrossBar®, Wöhner presents a concept study with which the CrossBoard® can now be modularly extended to 4- and 5-pole applications with maximum flexibility.


As part of intensive project support, our design-in team will use all available information and Wöhner's own configurator and planning tool "E-Plan P8" to create a concrete and free proposal for your low-voltage switchgear or power distribution system with Wöhner components, which is primarily aimed at maximising economic feasibility, durability and efficiency.

Get customised planning support now: Please contact us at or call us on +49 9563/751-271 to arrange a personal meeting! We look forward to supporting you in planning your switchgear with our team.

Our basic systems at HANNOVER MESSE 2024

In addition to our highlights, we also present our basic systems CrossBoard®, 60Classic, 185Power and Panel at HANNOVER MESSE 2024.



Tool-free installation and a high level of safety thanks to the integrated touch-safe protection, makes the CrossBoard® from Wöhner the ideal system solution for compact power distribution systems, especially for applications in mechanical and plant engineering. Previously known for distributions up to 160 A, the system world is now extended up to 800 A, opening up an even wider field of application. The key advantages of the out-of-the-box system – simplicity, safety, speed and compatibility – are also central to the system extension to 800 A.

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The 60Classic is space-saving and also offers a very large selection of components. Depending on the requirements, busbars with different cross-sections can be used; this allows currents up to a maximum of 2500 A. Thanks to IEC and UL approvals, it is also ideally suited for international use and can also be used as a 4-pole system with appropriate expansion – an absolute must-have in every control cabinet.

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With the installation-friendly and modular system, the user can quickly and easily implement a safe low-voltage distribution. Efficient use of space and compatibility of components are just some of the advantages of the 185Power system solution.

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For conventional wiring, Wöhner provides a comprehensive range of components e.g. switch-disconnectors or fuse holders  for DIN rail or mounting plate assembly. The fuse technology and associated connection technology meet the high safety and quality requirements set by international standards. 

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