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A special kind of trade fair appearance: For the digital edition of the Hannover Messe 2021, we addressed the industry's hot topics with an elaborate presentation. Relive the informative and entertaining livestream of the event here!


Hannover Messe 2021 digital event

For the Hannover Messe from 12th to 16th April 2021, which took place entirely online due to the pandemic, we took a visually appealing approach to the complex specialist topics. As a specialist in fuse and busbar systems, we were represented by a digital stand, at which visitors could find all of the relevant information about products and solutions – with specially featured highlights – as well as information about our company.


A particular highlight was the "Wöhner – The Next Level" livestream on 12th April 2021, which you can watch again here. In an elaborately produced and entertaining show, CEO Philipp Steinberger presents not only our current products, but also the most important topics and trends of our time – with appropriate solution recommendations from us.

Spectacular, highly informative presentation

A 15-minute summary of the biggest megatrends

The focus of the digital presentation were the key topics of market development and digital transformation as well as the megatrends of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, CEO Philipp Steinberger explained the advantages of busbar system technology such as the Wöhner systems 60Classic, 185Power and CrossBoard®, which save users space and mounting time. To the products

In terms of short-circuit protection, we introduced our latest innovation, the electronic motor starter MOTUS®C14, which represents a huge step forward into the future of control technology. To the product

CEO Philipp Steinberger also spoke about other key topics for the future, such as safety – with a focus on fuse-carrying vs. fuseless components and working on live systems –, smart technologies and future proofing in the context of the smart factory, and the "gigatrend" of sustainability and the power supply of the future.

System compatibility – everything combined

In Europe, busbar systems are now an established cabinet feature and Wöhner has been and continues to be a pioneer of this development. With our new basic system adapter, the original systems for power distribution (185Power) and control technology (CrossBoard®) can be conveniently combined, with even more flexibility and options for planners and users in the future. To the product


Designed specifically for the North American market, our new Cubefuse holder will particularly appeal to customers with business in areas where UL standards apply.

We provide a system

Space-saving, safe and clearly laid out busbar systems for applications from 125 A to 2500 A


Busbar systems are increasingly dominating the market for power distribution and control technology installations.
This is not surprising when you take into account the considerable advantages that they offer in the cabinet compared with conventional wiring – a lower space requirement, faster mounting and a clearer layout. And everything fits together.

With our comprehensive Wöhner systems CrossBoard®, 30Compact, 60Classic and 185Power, we offer four basic systems for a wide range of applications with optimal safety and flexibility. To the products

Podium discussion about climate neutrality

At the HM 21, our CEO Philipp Steinberger took part in a top-notch panel that addressed the subject of sustainability


Climate neutrality, sustainability and CO2-free production are the key topics on which the entire industry and, of course, electrical engineering companies in particular will be focusing over the coming years and decades. At the digital Hannover Messe 2021, a panel of leading lights convened under the title of "Climate Neutrality – New Transatlantic Alliance" to discuss the big challenges and possible solutions.

You can take another look at Philipp Steinberger's most important comments on the subject here: read more

What are currently the biggest sustainability-related topics for you as a well-known company?

We have made a commitment to become climate positive by 2029, the year that Wöhner turns 100 years old. In terms of achieving this, I see the complexity of the topic of "sustainability" as a big challenge: Though something may appear to be climate friendly at first glance, a closer look may reveal that this is not the case. Only by taking a holistic view of sustainability can positive results actually be achieved. From what I have seen, the biggest effects come from the two levers of prevention (e.g. with regard to wasting resources) and product design (e.g. using bio-based plastics in our products). At Wöhner, we also already implement optimised processes, for example with regard to travel planning and the movement of goods.

Is climate neutrality actually possible or is it just wishful thinking? What technologies can achieve this?

If we look at the last ten years, we see how huge the developments can be just by considering the proportion of gross electricity consumption that is made up of renewable energies, which has now risen from 17 % to around 50 % in Germany. But in the future, it will continue to be important to use a healthy mix of different technologies. No one can predict exactly how technologies will continue to develop and there will, of course, be further innovations over the next 20 years. An enormous number of technological approaches are possible – to name just the three main areas, there is decarbonisation (including hydrogen technology), electrification (including electric mobility) and digitalisation (including using artificial intelligence, remote technologies and augmented reality).

And how will all of this affect production processes?

There will be far-reaching changes in terms of energy supply. Our energy supply is becoming increasingly decentralised and concepts such as combined heat and power production and the use of process heat will play a bigger role. If the industry is to depend more heavily on hydrogen in the future, the hydrogen supply will have to be organised and made safe. This trend towards decentralisation also poses risks for companies – they will need to be able to protect themselves better against possible attacks.


Sticking with the subject of hydrogen – how important is this technology in your opinion and might its potential even be underestimated?

Hydrogen is a core technology for the future and "green hydrogen", meaning hydrogen that is produced in a climate-friendly way, makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions even in areas where this previously was not possible – or not to a large enough extent. Even though there are still many unanswered questions, the German federal government's new national hydrogen strategy is pointing in the right direction. In my opinion, providing that there are significant investments in infrastructure, hydrogen will soon become as normal for us as petrol or diesel.

The keyword here is policy – does not the plethora of different international agreements, roadmaps and activities pose a problem when it comes to achieving climate goals?

For us as a company, there being a large number of different statutory initiatives is never ideal and requires effort. Nevertheless, a complex range of initiatives on many levels is to be expected in a time of change like the one we are experiencing now – and it's also positive to see. Ultimately, this will accelerate the process of achieving climate goals. We have to be aware that if the climate temperature rises by more than 1.5 degrees, it will cause massive problems and in this respect, we are all in the same boat. Nevertheless, as a company, we do, of course, want the initiatives to be harmonised and clear guidelines to be established as quickly as possible when it comes to concrete laws and regulations.

Which framework conditions are particularly urgent? What are the core elements required in order to achieve the climate goals, for example those of the EU, for which the deadline is 2030?

As I see it, the most effective strategy is education. Climate neutrality and sustainability must become a much bigger focus of school, training and higher education courses. We all have to play a part in this – and place much greater emphasis on sustainability in in-company training programmes too. Only in this way can a high level of awareness be achieved and can the necessary technologies be advanced. The more intelligent people we have, the more people who are aware of the future problems and can solve them.

How would you sum up the current stage of the discussion?

Climate neutrality is simply a subject that affects us all and something that we can also only achieve together. It begins with small steps and requires an openness to new ideas and change. At Wöhner, we view sustainability as a company responsibility and we want to further increase awareness – among our employees, our customers, our customers' customers and our suppliers.


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With surprising images, the Wöhner event at the Hannover Messe 2021 illustrated the challenges of the future and the solutions offered by Wöhner – as well as, importantly, making the audience smile. Take a look behind the scenes of this elaborate production!