Discover the new dimension of motor starters

With our new electronic motor starter MOTUS®C14, we are setting new standards when it comes to the safety of machines and systems: Fuseless short-circuit protection that switches off the machine or system 200 to 500 times faster in the event of a fault than a conventional fuse-link or a circuit breaker and allows it to be switched back on afterwards.


Digital presentation of the new MOTUS®C14

Our digital product launch of the electronic motor starter MOTUS®C14 provides clear information on everything there is to know about this pioneering innovation. The MOTUS®C14 impresses not only due to its extremely fast switch-off time in the event of a fault (10 µs), but also due to the amount of space it saves, its integrated communication and measurement technology and an interactive, intuitive operating concept.


The simple, tool-free mounting and disassembly via the CrossLink® interface makes life easier for users. But that is best seen for yourself!
  The MOTUS®C14 has been developed entirely in-house at Wöhner and has already received the Innovation Award 2021 from the specialist magazine Schaltschrankbau.

The challenging process of developing the MOTUS®C14

Peter Spiel, Head of Product Management,
on the development of the MOTUS®C14


From setting the goal to creating the finished product

The global demand for fuseless short-circuit protection that allows the system to be switched on again after a short circuit and provides an additional or alternative option to the proven fuse carrying solutions has led us as drivers of innovation to establish a completely new product category for Wöhner. As our Head of Product Management Peter Spiel explains, the desired extremely fast switch-off times could not be achieved with an electronical engineering approach, meaning that for the very first time, we had to opt for an electronic solution for one of motor starters – an approach that will open up many new possibilities for us and our customers in the future.

Fast C14 technology and smart measurement technology in a narrow housing

The challenging development process and the testing process were both carried out in collaboration with our associate company, the R&D start-up Future Systems. A fundamental requirement was that our customers should be given access to all necessary data via a smart communication interface to enable them to monitor operation remotely and diagnose faults. In addition, the basic technology of the MOTUS®C14 can be incorporated into the design of other solutions as necessary – creating limitless new possibilities.


To the product

Behind the scene

Making-of video with exciting insights
into the digital launch of the MOTUS®C14


Making our products accessible to you online in a way that is just as demonstrative and personal as our approach in the physical world requires many different work steps and creative decisions. Join us here on Level4 as we embark on an entertaining journey through the creation of the MOTUS®C14 presentation!