LÜTZE Save Energy Day

Using and saving energy around the control cabinet more efficiently

Philipp Steinberger, CEO of Wöhner, explains how the CrossBoard® energy distribution system is revolutionizing the way energy is distributed.

Whether net zero CO2 emissions or only close to it, the world community consumes too much energy. Industry can make a major contribution to reducing energy consumption. Resource- and energy-conscious production plays a crucial role in this. 
Efficient technologies can help save energy. Efficient control cabinet cooling represents a major lever. In addition to significantly reduced energy consumption, the right control cabinet cooling also avoids hotspots in the control cabinet - this reduces failures and machine downtimes and increases the lifespan of the components.

So how can energy consumption in control cabinet cooling be minimised or even 100% avoided today? Renowned speakers from research and industry will report on the latest developments, on current research projects and give an outlook on the future.

Presentation Philipp Steinberger

New dimensions in control cabinet construction

The CrossBoard® energy distribution system revolutionises the way energy is distributed. Simple and quick to install, safe thanks to comprehensive contact protection and resource-saving due to space and material savings. The CrossBoard® already offers global certifications such as IEC, UL, CCC as well as digital communication and measurement technology with comprehensive analysis and monitoring options for an unprecedented quality of energy distribution. Climate protection is only possible together - two systems, one goal.